Summer Volleyball 2017 – Rules



  1. The tournament is only open for Austin Malayali community (either parents or spouse of a player need to be a Malayali). GAMA reserves the right to disqualify a player, if this rule is not adhered to
  2. Completed team roster needs to be submitted to Gama sports team by the team captains and all individual team members need to register for the tournament through GAMA website
  3. Team members need to bring the registration fee ($10 for adults, $5 for Minors) on the game day
  4. Each team will be allotted 3 points for every win
  5. Two teams with maximum points at the end of the league stage will advance into the finals and the 3rd  team would be declared as 3rd place winner.
  6. In any case of Tie in league stages, the teams who have won scoring maximum points would advance. If there is still a tie, the team who lost by lesser margin would move on to the next round; further Tie’s would be decided by a Coin-Toss
  7. Any team absent for the game will lose their points and opponent team would be awarded 3 points. None of the games would be repeated outside of schedule set at the start of the tournament
  8. A team will forfeit (loss of points) if it does not show up in the court within 15 minutes of scheduled start time
  9. SUB’ing of the player is allowed with no limitations, captain should inform the referee about the SUB
  10. All the League games & Finals would be three games for 15 points (win with 2 point diff)
  11. None of the players are allowed to SUB or play for any another team, other than their own team. Any team with players or SUB from other teams will forfeit from the tournament
  12. In case of rain or any other climatic conditions where play is not possible, GAMA will announce a future date

Game Rules:

  1. The tournament will follow rally points system (Loss of play is a point unlike side over) for all the games
  2. Only 6 players at any time in the court for a team. Team captain need to inform the referee about the substitutions
  3. Substitution will happen only when the team has service change
  4. Rotation is a must for each service change
  5. There is a positional fault when back row and front row player switches any position during the play
  6. Line cross, reaching the ball on other side of the net, net touch, Carry and Double touch will be called by the referee
  7. Service should be done behind the back line. Ball should be tossed for serve. Foot touching any part of the line while serving is loss of play
  8. Crossing the whole foot into the opponent’s court is called as loss of play. Any part of the foot on the center-line is OK. Referee will judge this
  9. Service touch of net and Service on line will be called as play
  10. Player is not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row. (Exception: a block is not a hit, which means after the block, the player is allowed to play the ball second time – this would be the first hit of that team)
  11. If ball rebounds off the net, the player that touched the ball last cannot touch it. Anyone else from the team can touch and continue play; the ball needs to be returned to the opponent team, within the allotted 3 touches
  12. Blocking or attack hitting a serve above the net is a fault
  13. It is allowed to play the ball with any part of the body
  14. Referee will stop the play and call for a re-serve, if the play is obstructed by anything (like other balls from other game coming into the play to ensure safety of the players)
  15. Server should wait for the referee’s whistle before he serves
  16. Only one time out per each team in a game
  17. No arguments and confrontations are appreciated during the game. Only team captain should talk to the referee, in case of a doubt