Summer Throwball 2017 – Rules




  1. Each team will have maximum team of 7 active players and 5 substitutes.
  2. This game will be played in a Sand volleyball court with the similar dimension.
  3. A match shall consist of the best of three sets for 25 points with rally score. If a team wins the 
first 2 sets, then the third set will not be played.
  4. The team winning the toss can choose either initial serving or the court.
  5. Referee’s decision is final (no exceptions).



  1. The ball should be served after the whistle and within 5 sec.
  2. The ball should be served without crossing the service line with a single hand
  3. Any ball to be released should be released from above the shoulder or shoulder-in-line only.
  4. A player can jump when throwing the ball or while serving
  5. ROTATION is a mandatory. Players always rotate one position clockwise, after they 
receive a serve, just like volleyball. Players rotate each time after the team wins a point by the 
opponent team losing their service opportunity.
  6. The service ball or the rally ball should not touch the poles.



  1. Ball should be caught with both hands.
  2. Double touch (juggling the ball a second time or 
more) is not allowed.
  3. After a player touches the ball, it must be released by the player within 3 seconds to be returned to the opponent team.
  4. Passing from one player to another within the same team is not allowed. However, if a player touches and misses the ball, another player from the same team can pick up and return the ball to opponent side. Such touch is allowed only one time with maximum of single touch by maximum two players when a ball is in own side.
  5. Players cannot catch the ball with the assistance of body or legs.
  6. Any ball to be released should be released from above the shoulder or shoulder-in-line only.
  7. Shifting the ball from left to right or right to left is not permitted.
  8. During catching or releasing, the ball should not touch any part of the body except the palm.
  9. Players cannot touch the net during the play but the ball can touch the net.
  10. 2 players cannot catch the ball simultaneously.
  11. Any ball falling on the side-line or end-line is a good ball.
  12. During the play or rally, players cannot cross the net or obstruct the opponent team.



  1. 2 timeouts (30 seconds) are permitted for each set for each team.
  2. Teams can substitute only when it is their turn to serve; only exception is if a player gets 
injured. Only 1 person can be substituted at a time up to a maximum of 3 substitutes per set.