December 11, 2017


Neighborhood (ayalkoottam) Pookalam Contest

Rules & Regulations

  1. Pookalam contest will be conducted on Sunday, August 27th 2017 (Event time & other associated details will be communicated to the registrants via email)
  2. To participate in the “Neighborhood Pookalam Contest” teams must register via GAMA website.
  3. Registration will open on Friday, July 21st 2017 8 AM and closes on Friday, August 25th 2017 8 PM. GAMA reserves the right to close the registration early (if needed) with 24 hr notice.
  4. A team should consist of at least five members and these members should be from five different families.
  5. GAMA Board Director(s) and their family members are not allowed to participate in the pookalam contest. 
  6. Pookalam venue details provided during registration cannot be changed later.
  7. Pookalam should have a circular geometric pattern which should not exceed two meter (2m) in diameter. 
  8. Only fresh flowers, leaves and vegetables can be used for designing pookalam. Materials like coffee powder, sawdust, colored dried coconut, colored powder, plastic decors etc. should not be used.
  9. Usage of vegetables in pookalam shouldn't exceed 50% of the of the entire pookalam.
  10. Only petals of the flowers should be used for designing pookalam. Only exception is for a lotus in the center of the pookalam
  11. Theme or concept based designs are welcome. 
  12. Teams may add traditional decorations like the Nilavilakku, Onathappan, Nirapara etc. to the pookalam. Bonus points will be awarded for these.
  13. We encourage teams to display the samples of materials used in pookalam for clarity during evaluation process.
  14. Please make sure to clean the surroundings of the pookalam and make it ready for judging
  15. GAMA Board Member(s) will visit the pookalam venue provided during team registration to make sure all the criteria are met and take pictures for judgement. If pookalam is a theme or concept based, then please provide those details as well.
  16. “Neighborhood Pookalam Contest” results will be announced on Sunday, September 3rd 2017. 
  17. 1st and 2nd prize winners will be awarded trophy during GAMA’s Onam 2017 program.
  18. Pookalam contest teams  may get a chance to do the pookalam for GAMA’s Onam 2017 program.
  19. GAMA reserves the right to cancel the contest if there are insufficient registrations.



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