Malayalam School – Rules/Guidelines

GAMA Malayalam School



  • School Calendar
    • GAMA Malayalam Classes will follow academic year starting in August and ending in May every year.
      • This year the classes starts on 08/19 and closes on 05/19
      • Classes will be held on following Saturdays
        • August ‘17- 08/19, 08/26
        • September ‘17 – 09/16, 09/23, 09/30
        • October ’17 – 10/14, 10/21, 10/28
        • November ’17 – 11/04, 11/11, 11/18
        • December ’17 – 12/09, 12/16
        • January ’18 – 01/06, 01/13, 01/20, 01/27
        • February ’18 – 02/03, 02/10, 02/17
        • March ’18 – 03/03, 03/24
        • April ’18 – 04/21, 04/28
        • May ’18 – 05/05, 05/12, 05/19
      • UT crash course will be a 3-month program and will be held on every year September-November, if students who are in school grade 9 or above are there and have successfully graduated from GAMA Malayalam class which follows the UT syllabus. After the successful completion of crash course and 3 assignments (as per the university) the student will qualify to sit for UT Malayalam class exam in December or as per UT timeline.
      • Registration for an academic year starts on July 15th and closes on September 30th.
    • Syllabus
      • GAMA Malayalam Classes will follow syllabus (by UT Austin)
      • Plan is to cover the entire syllabus is by 3yrs followed by a Graduation Ceremony and students who are in school grade of 9 or above will qualify to attend the 3-months crash course for UT examination that will be held on Sep-Nov.
      • Teachers will be grouped and will be assigned to a batch for the academic year. This is for consistency and relationship with students and teachers.
    • Classes/Timing
      • As part of the GAMA Malayalam class restructuring and to follow 3-year plan we will evaluate the students (both new and existing students) in 2017 on the first day of the academic year (08/19) and group them into 3 batches – Freshman, Junior and Senior. From 2018 the evaluation process will be performed only for new students and will assign to corresponding based on the results.
      • Classes will be held on Saturdays @ 4 PM -5PM
    • Attendance
      • Attendance for students is mandatory.
      • Students attendance must be marked by the parents.
      • 75% of attendance in an academic year is mandatory for the student to promote to next batch.
    • Academic/Workbooks
      • Every student will be provided a text book (UT syllabus) and workbook for $10. This is one time. It is illegal to copy/print/republish the book without permission from GAMA.
      • Will conduct two tests (mid-year and annual) in an academic year and the marks scored will be a factor (along with attendance) for promotion to next batch.
      • Activities/homework will be given to students after every class and parents need to make sure the students complete this activities/homework.
      • GAMA Malayalam school will conduct annual picnic/outing (with approval from board) for students and teachers.