Cricket Tournament Rules

Tournament Format, Rules & Guidelines

  • Tournament will be scheduled based on double elimination format within each group. This ensures that each participating team will get at-least 2 games
  • The games will be played with taped tennis balls
  • Each game will consist of two officiating umpires. The umpire decision will be final and players are expected to abide by it
  • The games will be played under the normal ATCL rules (ATCL Rules Handbook) unless stated otherwise
  • Each game consists of a maximum of 6 six-ball overs bowled by each side.
  • Captain of the team has to be available for toss, 15 minutes before their schedule game. Failing to be available will be considered as lost toss
  • Only one bowler in a team can bowl 2 overs
  • 2 fielders other than the bowler and wicket keeper should always be inside 30 yards
  • LBW is not applicable in the tournament
  • Other than leg byes, all the other extras (wide, no-ball, byes and over throws) are applicable.
  • If any match is tied, the result will be derived using Super Over. If super over is tied, toss will decide the winner.